Name: car wheel balancing machine
Item number: ZHZY-WB97B
Origin: China - Zhuhai
Registered trademark: Zhuhai hawk (ZHZY)
Technical parameter:
Rim diameter: 10 "-24""
Maximum wheel diameter: 1000mm
Rim width: 1.5 "-16""
Maximum wheel weight: 70kg
Spindle speed: 200r/min
Balancing accuracy: + 1g
Motor parameters: 110v/220v 250W
Equipment weight: 106kg
Scope of application:
This product is suitable for all kinds of light vehicle tire precise balance adjustment.
Product features:
1. 、 fully automatic dynamic balance, static balance and aluminum alloy wheel rim balance function.
2., advanced sensors, pressure, numerical display, high accuracy.
3. optional protective cover.
4. 、 automatic measuring ruler
Product quality:
This product has been certified by ISO9001-2008 quality system, reaching the EU quality standard, and obtained the CE certificate of export to the European union.