Item name: car tyre dismounting machine (optional non disc type)
Item number: ZHZY-620313
Origin: Zhuhai
Registered trademark: Zhuhai hawk (ZHZY)
Technical parameter:
Outer rim: 10 "-22""
Inner rim: 12 "-24""
Maximum diameter of wheel: 1040 mm
Maximum wheel width: 3 "-15""
Working pressure: 8-10bar
Power source: 380V/220v/110v
Motor power: 0.75/1.1kw
Equipment weight: 244kg
Scope of application:
This product is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized cars, wheel diameter of 10, "-24" of the semi-automatic tire disassembly and assembly.
Product features:
Use semi-automatic horizontal swing arm and left hand wheel to disassemble and assemble tyre.
Product performance:
1. change the range of the clip rim by adjusting the position of the boat.
2. turntable automatic centering, four jaw movement structure for the connecting rod structure, with synchronous performance, from external to internal clamp, self centering.
3. mobile card once forming machine design structure makes it not easy to deformation.
4. the work head is plated with hard chromium on the high frequency quenching surface to ensure the strength, toughness and wear resistance.
5. work turntable with synchronous centering and fine-tuning function, so that the disassembly and assembly of the tire more smoothly.
6. when the machine runs, the noise is low.
7. and head, claws, and crowbars shovel tire pressure tire contact tools are equipped with a protective sleeve and a protective pad, guarantee not to damage the rim.
8., the body dignified, plate thick, rigid super.
Product quality:
This product reaches the ISO9001-2008 quality system standard and the European Union quality standard, obtains the export European Union CE authentication certificate.