Name: free crowbar automobile tyre dismounting machine
Origin: China - Zhuhai
Registered trademark: Zhuhai hawk (ZHZY)
technical parameter
Suitable for flange: 10 "-28""
Maximum wheel diameter: 1100mm
Maximum wheel width: 3 "-15""
Working pressure: 8-10bar
Power source: 380V/220v/110v
Motor power: 1.0/1.5kw
Equipment weight: 436kg
Scope of application:
This product is suitable for all kinds of small and medium cars, wheel diameter of 28 largest "automatic disassembly and assembly of tires.".
Product features:
This machine is the electrical integration of automatic tire dismounting machine equipped with claw hook head (automatic, automatic and hook flip); automatic swing arm power device; pneumatic automatic locking device; the pressing wheel mechanical compression angle changing device; the left and equipped with optical axis positioning device, can make the arm without gaps, no swing, remove tire easily.
Product performance:
1. professional design claw hook head with hook pad can be quick, hook pad is made of high-strength wear-resistant nylon made, not to hurt the hub and wear, without dismounting crowbar, tires, not to hurt the tire rim.
2. the left side is equipped with an automatic lifting frame, which can automatically place the tire on the holder.
3. shovel wheel rolling tire, tire pressure cylinder 160mm diameter, for super large cylinder, is the industry vertical pressure tire bore the largest cylinder.
4. pneumatic automatic clamping plate, the tire can be placed on the automatic clamping.
5., the body dignified, plate thick, rigid super.
Product quality:
This product has been certified by ISO9001-2008 quality system, reaching the EU quality standard, and obtained the CE certificate of export to the European union.