Product Name: Fushida Battle Eagle series inorganic cabinet type 32 inch double screen display 3D four wheel positioner
Model: 3D ZHZY-300
Three-dimensional vehicle four-wheel positioner;
Origin: China - Zhuhai:
Registered Trademark: FSD ZHZY,
The product appearance pictures are as follows: (physical pictures)

WIN7-64 Authentic Operating System: Chinese and English multilingual optional, default to Chinese Operating System.

Three-dimensional four-wheel positioning software developed independently, this software is only one of the company's development and production, a total of six software options
1. Product structure features: 19-inch integrated structure of inorganic cabinet, four-millimeter square-pass surface of high-strength alloy material is used for column treatment to blue, WING7-61is used for operating system, and the operation is very simple. The product is equipped with software operation video, four-point fixture is directly suspended on the two sides of the column, and the height of the column is adjusted and fixed when it is easy to install; 5 million Sony cameras are used for camera importation. Pixel lens system, processing speed is 30 sheets per second, reflective plate shell is made of aerospace aluminium alloy material, dynamic vision algorithm technology, software operation is simple, fast reading data; three-dimensional dynamic display image operation guide operation; rolling compensation, short-distance trolley, wheelbase difference, accurate detection data, real-time monitoring of the standard four-point splint. It can check 10-23 inch rim with simple maintenance and no need of regular calibration. Aluminum alloy turntable is convenient to check the basic parameters of direction and front wheel bundle inclination. Super database is free to update database documents once a year. The products are certified by ISO quality system and EU CE safety certification.
2.The main technical parameters of the product are as follows:
Location parameter Accuracy (center value) Accuracy range Maximum measuring range
Display accuracy and measurement accuracy ±0.01°/0.01mm Measurement repeatability±0.01°or0.01mm
Toe ±0.015° ±0.01° ±30°
Dip angle ±0.025° ±0.01° ±30°
Kingpin inclination ±0.025° ±0.01° ±15°
Kingpin inclination ±0.025° ±0.01° ±20°
thrust angle ±0.015° ±0.01° ±6°
Maximum turning angle ±0.015° ±0.01° ±30°
Recession angle ±0.015° ±0.01° ±6°
Tread ±0.25cm ±0.01° 3000mm
Wheelbase ±0.25cm ±0.01° 8000mm
diagonal ±2mm ±0.3cm 12000mm
Rolling radius ±2mm ±0.3cm 700mm
3.Standard accessories are as follows:
Product accessory name Matching number Product accessory name Number of parts Remarks
Aluminum alloy Liang Zongcheng 1 Cabinet, column assembly 1  
Aluminum alloy corner plate 2 Four point fixture 4  
Direction fixing bracket 1 Front and rear wheel stop 4  
Computer host 1 Monitor 1 19inch
keybord, mouse 1 Whole wire harness 1  
Liang Zongcheng coupling 1 Column seat 1  
Column cap 1 Fixture hanger 4  
4.main features of the product
0.1. The camera has fast response, low temperature performance and good, can work at subzero temperature of about 30 degrees, the cart time is only 3S, the camera speed of 30 photos per second speed
0.2. Reflective board over the horizon, can be in the range of about 12 meters to find the target, you can do longer vehicle detection;
0.3. Measurement accuracy in the industry first-class;
0.4. Software supports a variety of reflective patterns;
0.5. The product has passed ISO quality system certification and export CE certification;
0.6. Guan Jian for aerospace aluminum alloy 7075-T6 super hard aluminum to do
0.7. Computer attached to the 3D operation of the screen, simple and convenient operation. With its own installation and operation guide function
0.8. The software is easy to operate, easy to use, intuitive 3D display
0.9. National UNPROFOR, remote service system
10. All over the country are equipped with after-sales service outlets, remote technical support
11. Regular return visit system of products, continuous innovation, once a year free update data packets
12. The product is specially designed for the drainage design. It is convenient to check the data
13) free training staff
14. Dynamic calculation of the body parameters, not subject to the impact of the lifting machine
15. Automatic calculation of body parameters and rolling compensation body parameters
16. Software intuitive response to the four round of the condition and need to solve the problem of repair