Item name: truck tyre dismounting machine
Item number: ZHZY-160
Origin: Zhuhai
Registered trademark: Zhuhai hawk (ZHZY)
Technical parameter:
Suitable for flange: 14 "-26""
Maximum wheel weight: 500kg
Maximum wheel diameter: 1600mm
Maximum wheel width: 780mm
Working pressure: 130bar
Power source: 380V/220v/110v
Gear box motor power: 1.5kw
Hydraulic pump power: 1.5kw
Net weight: 570kg
Scope of application:
This product applies to flange 14, "-26""
Product features:
All kinds of trucks and passenger tires can be assembled and disassembled.
Product performance:
1. use movable low voltage control handle for operation. The console is light and easy to design and easy to move.
2. operating voltage 24V, safe and stable.
3. the universal assembly arm is provided with an oscillating assembly disc and assembly hook.
4. the tool support, lifting arm and clamp are all hydraulically driven.
5. stepless adjustment of clamping force.
6. the guide rail adopts the integral welding processing technology, eliminates the deformation due to welding deformation, ensures the accuracy of the rail, and makes the operation more stable.
Product quality:
This product reaches the ISO9001-2008 quality system standard and the European Union quality standard, obtains the export European Union CE authentication certificate.