Product brand: Battle peak (ZHZF), origin: China - Zhuhai
Model: SR448
Voltage: 220V1ph
Power: 185 ~ 320W
Rim diameter: 255 ~ 615mm (10 "-24")
Rim width: 40 to 510mm (1.5 "-20")
Balance speed: less than 190r.p.m
Balancing accuracy: + 1g
Maximum wheel weight: 70kg
Noise: < 70dB
Product details:
Suitable for heavy truck and large passenger car tyres;
A microprocessor consisting of integrated circuits with high intelligence and high stability;
Ounces and grams, millimeters and inches conversions;
Equipped with safety protection cover;
Equipped with pneumatic tire elevator, more labor-saving and more convenient;
The utility model has the functions of self diagnosis and self calibration, and foot brake.