Salon salon fully automatic reciprocating computer car washer

Salon salon fully automatic reciprocating computer car washer
Model: SW-530E (SW530H)
Salon (Salon) reciprocating computer washing machine, the short washer, length is only 8m; the frame adopts cold steel, hot galvanized, galvanized thickness up to 100um, the service life of the machine is double; super high pressure water fan swing, prevent sediment to scratch the paint surface; the side brush beyond the center line of the front technology. The car is not dead, clean and more clean!
Machine: L*B*H=2460*3600*2850mm, rail (8150*3200mm), swing arm dimensions: high 2850mm
The machine installed covers an area of 9800*3650 (1185*1300*400) (excluding access to the vehicle site)
Use air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mp
Electrical capacity: 12KW
Total power: 18kw (19.625kw)
Maximum operating power: 16.6, (11.4) kw
Power per unit:
Top brush motor one: 0.3kw
Side brush motor 2: 0.3kw
Small brush motor two: 0.2KW (small brush motor 4: 0.37kw)
Conveyor line motor 2: 0.2Kw
Water pump one: 0.75kw
There are two fans: 4kw
(high pressure pump 1): 3kw
(swing motor 1): 0.025kw
Water consumption: one reciprocating: 70L (125L)
Standard car wash required: two reciprocating,
Car wash time: a round-trip: 2 minutes, 45 seconds, two back and forth, four minutes, 30 seconds;
Washable vehicles: cars, jeeps, 9 or less vans.
Function: cleaning lotion, wax.
Management: full automation, CNC screen display, self Jane break, full Chinese and English operating panel LCD display.