·Machine cabinet, push-pull arm, tower arm, basic configuration can be used universally with LT-980
·Level-less M/D device, new style fixed cast steel cylinder seat for M/D device. Cylinder can be adjusted the position angel as M/D device requests.
It doesn’t have turntable, and it has unique pneumatic locking device, and the central cone tire fixing method can help the operator to fasten the tire easily. It is suitable for Max.30” and Min.10” tire, and Max. diameter is 1100mm, and width is 360mm
New type right helper arm has overturning tire pressing block, which can be fitted for many different types of pressing block, and the bend arm can adjust the position of the pressing block. The main slide square bar is stronger ,more smooth, and more conveniently than former hexagonal bar.
·Aluminum pedal valve is not easy to wear out, which can be used for longer service time.
·It has mini tire lift on left side, which will help the operator to carry the tire conveniently.
·Moveable bead seater is on the back side of the machine, the operator can inflate the tire as free as he needs.
·Two-grade extractable bead breaker, which has the valve on the top of bead breaker handle. Therefore, it can be used for various type of tires, and the operation is more conveniently.