Portable Model Air Jack J-302
Product Features: 
1.Adopt inependent research patented “Negative Pressure” pneumatic valve, only takes 5 Sec to go up and 8 Sec to go down.
2.Adopt integrated molding centered steel bushing, high precision, not need clasp, enable it to move stable and smoothly.
3.Adopt soft plastic pad, enlarged touching area, not damage the chassis.
4.High cost performance, and the life time is more than 5 years.
5.Adopt high tensile strength air bag, able to bear 26 bar destroy pressure, and also good performance at minus -30℃ environment.
6.Maintenance free, completely driven by air, no hydraulic fluid, no leakage or replacement of sealing ring.
7.Promote garage’s image, the successor to traditional hydraulic jack.
8.Wide use scope, not only use in sand ground, snow ground, but also in slope ground.
1.Air input:5~10bar;
2.Air output:<5bar;
3.Working Temperature:-30℃~70℃;
4.Lifting capacity:2500Kg;
5.Min. height:135mm;
6.Max. height:410mm;
7.Destroy pressure:26bar;
8.Net weight:17Kg;
9.Gross weight:19Kg;
10.Packing dimension:400×370×190mm=0.03CBM.