Technical parameters:
Rim diameter:14"-26"             
Max. tire weight:500kg                            
Max. wheel width :780mm                             
Max. wheel diameter:1600mm
Working pressure:0~130bar                   
Hydraulic motor:1.5kw           
Gear box motor:1.5kw
Working Voltage:380V/220V/110V
Machine weight:570kg

Application range:
Applicable for changing truck and bus tyres whose rim diameter is between 14"-26".
Product features:
This tyre changer can change various truck and bus tyres.
Machine functions:
1.Opearting on control panel which is low-pressure and mobile, the control panel is designed light and handy.
2.The operating pressure is 24V that is safe and reliable.
3.The assembly arm is equipped with pendulaer assembly round plate and assembly hook.
4.The tool bracket,lifting arm and gripper are controlled by hydraulic system.
5.The clamping force adopts infinite regulation.
6.The guide rail is welded integrally first,then processed,such process avoids deformation caused by weld and ensure the precission of guide rail,the machine will move smoothly and steadily.
Machine quality:
This product gained Europe CE certification.