technical parameter
Overall equipment by an electric hydraulic pump as the driving force, two lata, lifting platform only a remote control device can control, simple operation, easy to use.
Platform high quality manganese steel plate, high strength, good rigidity, long service life.
Double cylinder hydraulic vertical lifting platform, taking off and landing stable and reliable, can be in the range of 350-1150mm flexible adjustment platform height, lifting device equipped with hydraulic and mechanical double insurance,
New square Latta, along the platform 360 degree of mobility, can realize multi-point stretching and force structure more reasonable, safe and convenient for use.
Mechanical flow line design of the fixture, after forging, heat treatment process, high strength, strong life, the opportunity to consider all the deformation of the correction.
Universal fixture, can pull skirt, and clamp beam.
The exclusive design of hydraulic pump station, exclusive production, all hydraulic components used in the domestic flat shot, strong power. Awesome uniform, stable and reliable, long service life.
Table length Length 6000mm Table
Table width Width 2200mm Table
Working table height Height 560mm Table
Hydraulic system working pressure Pressure 70MPa Hydraulic (10000psi)
Post working range of Post Working Range 360
Post Max.tension 95KN the maximum tension traction tower
Maximum lifting weight 3500kg Max.lifting