Technical parameter:
1 hydraulic lifting platform can make any accident car more convenient, get off.
The 2 platform is formed by the large-scale numerical control flow, the upper and lower panels are covered with the sheet metal, which ensures the tensile strength of the platform. The beautiful and elegant ring net platform, the flatness is higher, the service life is longer, the best length and width ratio, lets you use more widely, the pertinence is stronger.
3 double track along the table, 360 degrees rotation, operation more convenient. Two lata to pull a strong and efficient.
4 Mechanical streamline design of the fixture, after forging, heat treatment, high strength and long service life, almost any distortion correction.
5. Universal wide mouth clamp, clamping and fixing and body shapes and various components of clamping stretching to the body at the bottom of the beams and other components.
6 embedded tower mandrel with hidden type hydraulic jack, strong power, give priority to the maintenance of the disassembly.
7 full range of sheet metal tool accessories to consider the deformation of arbitrary shape correction, can make the correction more in place, more convenient and more efficient.
8 hydraulic pump with pneumatic pump or by the United States TEAM POWER company to provide.
Table length Length 5600mm Table
Table width Width 2200mm Table
Working table height Height 560mm Table
Hydraulic system working pressure Pressure 70MPa Hydraulic (10000psi)
Post working range of Post Working Range 360
Post Max.tension 95KN the maximum tension traction tower
Maximum lifting weight 3500kg Max.lifting