Technical parameter:
1 hydraulic lifting platform to make any accident on the car, get off more convenient. Platform lift more easily.
2, 360 degrees of hydraulic double operation, flexible, accurate, vertical cylinder, strong pulling force.
3 Mechanical streamline design of the main fixture, after forging, heat treatment process, high strength, long service life, almost suitable for any deformation correction.
4 embedded tower push rod with concealed hydraulic jack, plus maintenance disassembly, more powerful.
5 full range of sheet metal tool accessories to consider the deformation of arbitrary shape correction, can make the correction more in place, more convenient and more efficient.
6 hydraulic pump with pneumatic pump or by the United States TEAM POWER company, the service life is longer.
7 rectangular pipe type working platform, high strength steel plate, the platform more working hole, the fixture is convenient to operate, easy to achieve the elimination of deformation stress protection without damage parts.
8 reliable beam correction device performance and high cost, taking into account the ability to accept different investment groups!
Table length Length 5200mm/5600mm Table
Table width Width 2100mm Table
Working table height Height 560mm Table
Hydraulic system working pressure Pressure 70MPa Hydraulic (10000psi)
Post working range of Post Working Range 360
Post Max.tension 95KN the maximum tension traction tower
Maximum lifting weight 3500kg Max.lifting