Model: 3D FOSTAR -300F Large 32" touch screen type car wheel aligner;
Place of Origin: China - Zhuhai:
Registered trademark: ZHZY
Product model: (FOSTAR-300F),
The appearance of the product is as follows: (The main color has red)
The software adopts WIN7-64-bit genuine operating system and Lenovo brand computer, which is easy to learn and operate. The registered patent certificate and operation interface of FOSTAR series 3D four-wheel positioning software are as follows.

Product picture: (real live picture)

1. product features: the cabinet adopts 32 inch touch screen integrated chassis, the thickness of column with high strength Aluminum Alloy material is 4 mm square, imitation mahogany furniture color surface after oxidation surface treatment process, exclusive domestic production, four points on the column side hanging fixture two side, beautiful appearance, convenient post at a certain height fixed installation height; operating system using genuine WIN8 software, easy to learn, the camera uses SONY imported camera 5 million pixel camera system, image processing speed of 30 frames per second, reflecting plate shell using aerospace Aluminum Alloy materials, dynamic visual algorithm technology, the software is easy to quickly read data; 3D dynamic display image guidance operation; roll compensation, short distance micro cart, wheelbase and track difference, accurate detection data, target real-time monitoring, standard Four fixture can check 10-23 inch rims, the equipment maintenance is simple, no need of regular calibration; Aluminum Alloy angle disc facilitate inspection direction based parameters and the front wheel angle parameters; super database, free for a year to update the database file at a time; the products by ISO quality system and the European Union CE certification.
2. the main technical parameters are as follows:
Location parameter Accuracy (center value) Accuracy range Maximum measuring range
Display accuracy and measurement accuracy ±0.01°/0.01mm Measurement repeatability±0.01°or0.01mm
Toe ±0.015° ±0.01° ±30°
Dip angle ±0.025° ±0.01° ±30°
Kingpin inclination ±0.025° ±0.01° ±15°
Kingpin inclination ±0.025° ±0.01° ±20°
thrust angle ±0.015° ±0.01° ±6°
Maximum turning angle ±0.015° ±0.01° ±30°
Recession angle ±0.015° ±0.01° ±6°
Tread ±0.25cm ±0.01° 3000mm
Wheelbase ±0.25cm ±0.01° 8000mm
diagonal ±2mm ±0.3cm 12000mm
Rolling radius ±2mm ±0.3cm 700mm
3.Standard accessories are as follows:
Product accessory name Matching number Product accessory name Number of parts Remarks
Aluminum alloy Liang Zongcheng 1 Cabinet, column assembly 1  
Aluminum alloy corner plate 2 Four point fixture 4  
Direction fixing bracket 1 Front and rear wheel stop 4  
Computer host 1 Monitor 1 32inch
Liang Zongcheng coupling 1 Column seat 1  
Column cap 1 Fixture hanger 4  
4 main features of the product
0.1) camera reaction speed, low temperature performance and good, can be at about 30 degrees Celsius low temperature work, cart time only 3S, camera speed is 30 pictures per second speed
0.2) reflective panels over sight range, within 12 meters or so within the scope of the target, can be extended vehicle detection;
0.3) measuring accuracy in the industry first-class;
0.4) software supports a variety of reflective patterns;
0.5) products have been certified by ISO quality system and exported to EU CE certification;
0.6) Guan Jian reflector plate using mold production, to ensure quality, four plates interchangeable, regardless of the front and rear, convenient after-sales service
0.7) computer attached to 3D operation screen, easy to operate. It has the function of self installation and operation guide.
0.8) software operation is simple, easy to use. Intuitive 3D display
0.9) National UNPROFOR, remote service system;
10.) all over the country are equipped with after-sales service network, remote technical support
11.) product regular return visit system. Continuous innovation, once a year, data free updates of data packets
12) the product is specially designed for the trench type, with a lower display to facilitate data viewing.
13) manufacturers free training staff
14) dynamic calculation of body parameters is not affected by the unevenness of the lifting machine
15) automatic calculation of body parameters and rolling, compensation of body parameters
16) software intuitive response to the four wheels of the car and the need to solve the problem of repair