Super pass (SUPER, THRU) nine brush tunnel full automatic car washer:
Model: SS-937,SS-939
SUPER THRU (super pass) tunnel type automatic washing machine, digital control liquid supply system, automatic induction spraying, accurate measurement, cost saving, increase cleaning effect. The user can adjust the amount of chemical agent, digital display; Japan EVA brush, to eliminate potential safety problems in the process of washing water, strong cleaning effect, double its smooth surface, and has high noise absorption effect, ultra quiet washing process!
Item number: SS-937 (SS939)
Machine: L*B*H=10200*3800*3100mm, (11300*3800*3100mm)
The machine installed covers an area of 1110*1250*400 (1185*1300*400) (excluding access to the vehicle site)
Use air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mp
Electrical capacity: 18kw
Total power: 28kw (30kW)
Maximum operating power: 35kw
Power per unit:
Top brush motor one: 0.55kw
Side brush motor four: 0.37kw
Small brush motor two: 0.37kw (small brush motor 4: 0.37kw)
Conveyor motor: 2.2kw
Water pump one: 2.2kw
High pressure pump one: 4kw
There are two fans: 5.5kw
There are two fans: 3kw
Swing motor three: 18kw
Washable vehicles: cars, jeeps, 9 or less vans.
Function: cleaning lotion, wax. Car wash speed 50 / hour. (car washing speed 60 / hour)
Management: full automation, CNC screen display, self Jane break, full Chinese and English operating panel LCD display.

Main performance characteristics:
1, C steel reinforced frame, stop car washing machine lateral sway;
2, full closed dynamic appearance, safe and beautiful;
3, three groups of swing high-pressure water pre wash, do not hurt the car;
4, vehicle detection technology;
5, the overall follow-up large brush safe and reliable, high cleanliness;
6, ultra fast car wash speed, each car only 1 minutes;
7, the overall framework of galvanized tree + spray powder;
8 side brush over center line technique;
9 、 high efficiency, strong silence, copying and drying;