Ground Big Scissor Lift B-35-42D/ B-35-45D/ B-45-52D
Product Features:
1.Adopt DC 24V for control voltage, to ensure the safety of operators.
2.Adopt coaxial drilling machine, to ensure the concentricity of all holes on the arms.
3.Adopt numerical control cutting and bending machine, to ensure the straightness and flatness of sheet metal components.
4.Adopt electrostatic powder spraying technology, double in efficiency more than oil paint, to ensure not easy for corrosion or scratch.
5.Adopt integrative main platform processed by laser cutter and numerical control bending machine, able to bear higher shear stress than normal square beam, to ensure no deformation on it for wheel alignment.
1.Model:B-35-42C/ B-35-45C/ B-45-52C;
2.Runway Length:4200mm/4500mm/5200mm;
3.Runway Width:625mm;
4.Min. Height:130mm;
5.Max. Height:1850mm;
6.Secondary Lift Height:500mm;
7.Rising Time:50~60Sec;
8.Lifting Weight:3500Kg/3500Kg/4500Kg;
9.Net Weight:2000Kg/2200Kg/2400Kg;
10.Input Voltage:3P 380V,50Hz / 1P 220V,50Hz;