Product brand: Battle peak (ZHZF), origin: China - Zhuhai
Model: C-094A
Voltage: 220V1PH/380V3PH
Power: 0.75 ~ 1.1W
Working pressure: 0.8 ~ 1 MPa
Rim diameter: 10 "-26""
Rim width: 3 "-16""
Maximum wheel diameter: 960mm
Tyre pressure: 2500Kg
Noise: < 70dB
Product details:
C-094A machine is a new type of crowbar free automatic assemble machine, this machine can operate the modern tyres and rims;
Especially for 10 "-26", hard wall, especially wide, flat tire disassembly and assembly advantages are extremely prominent
Column rear design, push and pull pneumatic automatic locking
Special design of disassembly and assembly, high-quality alloy materials, mold forming, never deformation, never rust, life-long protection
Self opening foot design, high strength special aluminum alloy, repeated vigorous use, not easy to break, beautiful and generous
The claw is a special material, with its own mold forming, durable
Free crowbar, right auxiliary arm, dismantling process is very easy
Self centering function
Vacuum pneumatic charging configuration