Product brand: Battle peak (ZHZF), origin: China - Zhuhai
Model: C-093AH
Voltage: 220V1PH/380V3PH
Power: 0.75 ~ 1.1W
Working pressure: 0.8 ~ 1 MPa
Rim diameter: 10 "-24""
Rim width: 3 "-16""
Maximum wheel diameter: 960mm
Tyre pressure: 2500kg
Noise: < 70dB
Product details:
Automatic tire assembly and disassembly, pneumatic manipulator control freely, tire disassembly and assembly more labor-saving
10~24 inch rim clamping range
The forward, backward and locking of the column are all realized by pneumatic control
Unique plastic protective cover makes the shape of the machine stand high
Special steel made of tire removal head, wear-resistant, non bending, not broken.
Six square shaft with S41 six steel made in dismantling the hard wall tires to ensure the machine will not deform.
Optional plastic disassembly head to protect the rim from damage during disassembly and assembly
Pneumatic shovel
According to the needs of customers to assemble and disassemble the flat tire, the assistant should be selected to ensure the safety and reliability during the tire dismantling process
Optional gas tank