Product Name: Fu Shida Series FOSTAR-300A 3D Four Wheel Aligner
Model: FOSTAR-300A, Origin: China - Zhuhai
Description: Our company has six 3D four wheel alignment software. The FOSTAR series is just one of them. It has two language options, which can be Chinese or English. For details, please refer to the software operation instructions. The operation is simple and easy to learn and learn.
The software uses WIN7-64 bit genuine operating system, the software homepage is as follows: The software registration patent certificate is as follows:
FOSTAR-300A 3D four-wheel positioning main features: the chassis is mobile. The column can be equipped with a lifting function. The computer can be equipped with a tablet.
The reflector is developed using 7075 aluminum alloy high strength material. The camera is produced by introducing advanced foreign technology, targeting domestic
The external market adopts WIN8-64WUG operating system, and the single Mandarin version software is easy to learn. It is different from the FSD series products.
A software designed for the camera's different drivers.

The registered software patent certificate and software operation interface are as follows:

FOSTAR-300A  3D Wheel Alignment

Product type: FOSTAR-300A, brand: FOSTAR; origin: Zhuhai, China

3D wheel alignment  

  • Easy maintenance
  • Low operational cost
  • Stability in operations
  • CE ISO 

Key Features:

  • Professional, Stable, Durable, Affordable

  • Professional: Dual camera system (imported from Japan)

  • Dual-core CPU computer system

  • Waterproof targets

  • 24 inch clamps

  • Calibration Free

  • Auto lift platform compensation

  • Auto vehicle compensation

  • Super-big vehicle database  covering over 20 000 models.

  • Height adjustable

  • Durable: Calibration Free

  • Long life hi-speed camera system

  • 12 months warranty

  • Multilingual software-including English, German, Polish, Spanish, Português .

  • 3D camera frame from Germany, lens 20'' from Japan for 5m length car body test high accurate.

  • Product introduction 7075.
    Guan Jian pieces of this product: the camera and the lens using SONY technology, reflective board without any electronic original device, its rear cover using 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy material production.
    :Guan Jian pieces of this product: the camera and the lens using SONY technology, reflective board without any electronic original device, its rear cover using 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy material production.
    :The installation range: 1.6--3.1 meters.
    Relative humidity: 3550 degree.
    Relative humidity: less than or equal to 85%.
    Optional: Black reflector, interchangeable reflector, small front big reflector.
    The standard reflector size as reflector pattern before and after.
    This machine uses high speed import SONY camera, 5 million phase element, the camera working speed to 30 out of phase speed work per second. Reflector panels have a variety of patterns, software vision calibration accuracy: 0.02mm.
    A calibration before leaving the factory, no need to re calibrate. Cart time only takes 3 seconds.
    The main technical parameters are as follows:


    Retreat angle +/-0.01° +/-10°
    Maximum steering angle  +/-0.01° +/-50°
    Track +/-0.01° 0-2500mm
    Wheelbase +/-0.01° 0-12000mm

    Detailed product description

    1, measurement of the fastest four wheel positioning (with cart interface) cart process 3 seconds, after the stop time is only one second

    2.The whole time 0.2 seconds to update the data once

    2, the most accurate measurement of the four round of the positioning of the instrument

    3.3D Accuracy up to the standard of the international brand, hope that professional users can provide positioning service for the intermediate vehicle

    3, the best domestic repeat of the 3D four round of the round of the number of repeated measurements to achieve the international top brands (put two pictures, is the value of the two measurement)

    4, adjust the steering wheel thrust line positioning principle of convenient efficient and convenient put the steering wheel (two)

    5.Picture, a steering wheel slanting, one is right

    5, a comprehensive measurement of camber angle toe kingpin caster kingpin inclination tread wheelbase diagonal tire rolling radius (a group of pictures screenshot)

    6, lifting machine is not on the impact of uneven (schematic)

    7, after measuring the stability of the most far away from the camera 8 - 7 meters still can be measured (pictures, put away after the)

    8, lifting adjustment can be under the vehicle lifting the state claim easily the camber of the vehicle solution and inclination of adjustment (screenshot, lifting raised)

    9, the unit of arbitrary switching degree of sub millimeter per cent between arbitrary switching to facilitate a variety of operating habits (screenshot, before and after conversion)
    10, the static measurement function convenient but the accuracy is not high, only for in the measurement requirements of the vehicle, nor has the function of adjust the direction of the

    11, two can locate the function only needs to hang the two to be able to locate the dish to be convenient and quick, but is unable to swing the steering wheel

    12, the latest volume of the database to meet the needs of various regions of the country to use the device (database image)

    13, up to the choice of the target before the target (a variety of target can choose or customize)

    14, Epad PAD can sync, 1 easily shunting save labor cost '' to

    15, the public Audi Passat special adjustment software, to facilitate the right to send (synchronized picture: computer and)

    16, the use of background equipment management, you can record the daily use of the device (display the contents of the document)

    The main technical parameters are as follows:

    Location parameter Accuracy (center value) Precision range Maximum measurement range
    Display accuracy and measurement accuracy ±0.01°/0.01mm Measurement accuracy of 0.01 degrees or 0.01mm
    Toe ±0.02° ±0.01° ±30°
    Dip angle ±0.03° ±0.01° ±30°
    Inclination angle of main pin ±0.03° ±0.01° ±15°
    Inclination angle of main pin ±0.04° ±0.01° ±20°
    thrust angle ±0.02° ±0.01° ±6°
    Maximum turning angle ±0.02° ±0.01° ±30°
    Withdrawal angle ±0.02° ±0.01° ±6°
    Tread ±0.25cm ±0.01° 3000mm
    Wheelbase ±0.25cm ±0.01° 8000mm
    Diagonal money ±2mm ±0.3cm 12000mm
    Rolling radius ±2mm ±0.3cm 700mm

    Products are mainly detected car series vehicles: detection of the scope of the tire rim: 10, -23",
    Product main features: detection can be used for four wheel positioning parameters parked in the trench, lift, small scissors type lifting machine, large scissors type lifting machine on the platform of the car; standard parts including: the host Aluminum Alloy beam (two side equipped with SONY 5 million pixel camera), the host computer and display the 19 "a four point clamp four, reflecting plate 4, the car used for the detection of the corner plate two, the mounting bracket of the steering wheel and brake fixture;
    And supporting the use of the power supply and electrical accessories; host chassis using movable cabinet, and in combination with the beam column foot screw is fixed on the ground; the minimum distance and the maximum distance of the installation of the equipment: the bar (two side camera) to the straight line distance of vehicle lift angle disc Center (front wheel center): 1.6 to 2.8 meters; see below: