Technical parameters:
Rim diameter:10"-26"                                    
Max. wheel diameter:1150 mm                     
Tire width:3"-15"                                
Working pressure:8~10bar                              
Machine weight:220kg

Scope of application: 
This product is suitable for semi-automatic changing tires of all kinds of small and medium-sized cars, rim diameter in 10 "- 26" . 
Product features: 
Changing  tyres, using semi-automatic horizontal swing arm, equipped with high aluminum alloy cylinder and SMC oil-water separator, appearance-effective, remove the tire easily.

Product function:
1.By adjusting the position of the boat to change the scope of the clamping wheel.
2.Self centering four jaw movement structure of the turntable, with the performance of synchronization from the center outward. Custom clip
3.The processing design forming a mobile seat make it not easy to deformation.
4.The working head after high frequency quenching, hard chrome plated surface, to ensure the strength, toughness and wear resistance.
5.Working turntable with synchronous centering and fine adjustment function, make tire more smoothly.
6.When the machine is running, the noise is low.
7.And head, jaw, crowbar and shovel that tire-touching tools are equipped with a protective sleeve and a protective pad, guarantee not to damage the rim.
8.The body is dignified, thick plate, rigid and strong.
product quality:
This product to reach the EU quality standards, the EU's CE certification.