Product brand: Battle peak (ZHZF), origin: China - Zhuhai
Model: SR112M
Voltage: 220V1PH/380V3PH
Power: 0.75 ~ 1.1W
Working pressure: 8-10 Bar
Rim diameter: 6 "-26""
Rim width: 3 "-16""
Maximum wheel diameter: 1000mm
Noise: <70dB
Product details:
Can meet the 7 "---26" motorcycle tires.
Designed by the tire shovel structure, the operation is more reliable, and the tire rubber is thickened to ensure that the motorcycle tires can be removed by the brake disc.
The slide has the adjustable function, a wider range of tyre.
The swing arm type dismounting mechanism is economical and practical.
With automatic centering function, safe and reliable.